In September 2020 Hughie, then aged 10, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). His best friend Freddie, then aged 9, saw that some of Hughie’s friends and family had raised some money doing Humphrey’s Lantern Walk for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where Hughie was receiving treatment and was inspired to help the fundraising effort.

Freddie’s initial target of £1000 was smashed within days. It wasn’t long before his challenge had captured the interest of the local media. Freddie’s selflessness to help Hughie, and Hughie’s bravery while facing gruelling rounds of chemotherapy soon became a heart-warming story.

Their challenge finished with a live broadcast by BBC Breakfast and Sky Sports News at 8 am on Christmas Day morning. Hughie cheered Freddie on and managed to cross the finish line with him (before opening any presents!). This catapulted their fundraising to another level!

So far Hughie and Freddie have raised over £250K for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Which has been used to provide a musician, buy Slushie pouches and fresh fruit for Hughie’s ward. The money has also bought vital equipment to help in A&E, training, and renovating the Teen Zone.

With Hughie feeling better, the boys wanted to take on another challenge that they could do together. Both Hughie and Freddie are huge football fans so they came up with the idea of running another 100km each by completing 1km around the pitch of every EFL and Premiership football ground – 92 in total. The other 8km they are hoping to complete at the National Stadiums and other notable sporting grounds. They kicked off on Boxing Day 2021 at their beloved Turf Moor and are now embarking on a national adventure ticking off every ground on the list.

The money they raise at each ground will go directly to the local Children’s Hospital.